Graham's Natural Sooth-it Gel 50g

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Graham's Natural Sooth-it Gel 50g

Sooth-it Gel is an all-natural skin aid that helps to relieve, sooth & protect against rashes, bites, reactions & stings. Using the natural healing properties of aloe vera, manuka honey & comfrey, Sooth-It Gel is your go to natural first aid kit.

Effective for the relief of:

• Rashes

• Bites

• Reactions

• Stings

Aloe Vera
Is a known for its ability to helps heal wounds and is also great for applying topically to burns, abrasions, eczema, psoriasis and even to bug bites. Aloe Vera Gel acts in 4 different ways: as an analgesic (help relieve pain of wounds). An antipruritic substance (relieves or helps curb itching). An astringent (which is used to reduce bleeding from minor abrasions).  Lastly an emollient (helping to soften and soothe the skin). Aloe Vera really has some amazing healing properties and is especially good for those with eczema and psoriasis.
A pot marigold plant, or the blossoms of the Calendula officinalis, are utilized to take care of several skin conditions including forms of eczema, inflammation and can eliminate bacteria. To improve the potency of the treatment, we encourage one to choose products that unite pure calendula infusion with other natural, non-irritating materials. Because of the gains that are potential, holistic health care suppliers and some doctors propose using calendula. Calendula is highly regarded to be safe and does not create any negative side effects. When using calendula patients who favour more natural treatments generally report favourable results. Has been clinically tested to treat wounds and aid in the reduction of inflammation.
Has been clinically tested to treat wounds and aid in the reduction of inflammation.
Has been known for its calming. soothing benefits, chamomile is the perfect ingredient for use in natural skin care products. More importantly it is used for its anti-inflammatory benefits, chamomile may also have anti-oxidant and antibacterial benefits.
Witch Hazel
The primary active ingredient in witch hazel is the tannins, which have astringent properties. When applied directly to the skin, witch hazel may help reduce swelling, bruising, minor cuts, and fight bacteria.
Manuka Honey
Contains exceptionally powerful healing properties - natural source of vitality - can be taken to maintain good health and wellbeing. It not only aids in the healing of damaged skin in extremely severe cases of eczema, but it also has the ability to regenerate new skin growth. In addition, Manuka Honey also has strong antibacterial properties which helps prevents infection when the protective skin barrier is destroyed.
Centella Asiatica
An evergreen plant, rooting at the nodes it is typically used-to treat small injuries, it has compounds referred to as triterpenoids that appear boost antioxidants in the wound site to pace healing, enhance skin and boost blood circulation for the damaged region. An analysis found that wounds treated with Centella asiatica leaf extract recovered and caught dramatically faster than untreated injuries.

FAQ & Information

Ant Bites:

If you have been bit by an ant, you might get some pain and swelling at the site of the sting. Ants can inject a type of venom via their bite, and they can sting several times. Some people might be allergic to ant venom – they could develop a rash and have difficulty breathing. Some might collapse (this is known as anaphylaxis, call 000 immediately in Australia and 911 in the USA).
If you have only mild pain and swelling, you can take paracetamol in recommended doses to ease the pain.  Apply Sooth-it Gel to help relieve the itch.
If you have a severe reaction to any kind of bite, go to your doctor or to the nearest emergency department immediately. Make sure you remove the insect carefully first. If it’s dead, keep it so your doctor can identify it.

Bee Stings:

Bee stings have barbs on the end of them, which stay in the skin with the venom gland. The bee dies after injecting the sting.
You will feel severe pain at the site of the sting, which will usually swell up very quickly.
If you’re allergic to bee venom, you may be at risk of a severe reaction to bee stings. You might develop a widespread rash, have difficulty breathing and collapse (anaphylaxis).
Remove the insect carefully. If it’s dead, keep it so your doctor can identify it. Avoid squeezing out the bee sting, because this will inject more venom into the wound – instead, scrape the sting off if you can.
Apply ice to the area to reduce the swelling. You can take paracetamol in recommended doses to ease the pain. Apply Sooth-it Gel to help relieve the itch.
If you have a severe reaction to a bee sting, see your doctor, go to your nearest emergency department, or call an ambulance immediately.

Flea Bites:

If you notice small, itchy red marks on your ankles or your children’s ankles, it’s possible there are fleas in your home. Fleas can live in your carpet and furniture for several months, and can jump up from carpets in search of a warmer host.
Household pets are notorious carriers of fleas, especially in the summer months. You can buy special preparations to treat your pets for fleas, and you should also spray your carpets and furniture.
If you’ve moved into a new house and the previous owners kept pets, it’s a good idea to spray the carpet against fleas.
Apply Sooth-it Gel to the affected area to help relieve the itch.

Mosquito Bites:

Mosquitoes are more of a problem in summer, and are more active at dusk and night. People who are sensitive to mosquito bites can develop very itchy red lumps at the site of the bites. If bitten on the face, this can lead to marked swelling.
Applying Sooth-it Gel to the area can help relieve the itch. Sometimes an ice pack can help reduce swelling. To prevent infection, discourage scratching at the bite.
If you have severe swelling and itching at the site of the mosquito bite, and this interferes with sleep, applying Sooth-it Gel to the affected area might help you sleep, and also relieve itching.

Spider Bites:

Australian spiders, apart from funnel-web and red-back spiders, aren’t known to be lethal. But their bites can cause severe pain and swelling. 
If you think you have been bitten by a spider, see your doctor if:
• your pain persists
• the bite looks infected
• you develop generalised symptoms including vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, sweating or headache
• you suspect a funnel-web or red-back spider bite (if possible, keep the spider to show the doctor).

Wasp Stings:

Wasps are aggressive and can inflict multiple stings.
Wasp stings usually cause pain and swelling, but allergic reactions aren’t common.
Remove the insect carefully. If it’s dead, keep it so your doctor can identify it. As with other stings, apply ice to the area and use medication, such as paracetamol to reduce swelling and pain.  Apply Sooth-it Gel to help relieve the itch.
If you have persistent pain, or develop sudden difficulty breathing after being stung, seek immediate medical attention.
Be careful about drinking straight from open soft drink cans if you’re outside. Wasps are attracted to sugar and might go into the can, then sting whoever drinks from it
The majority of burns are minor and can be treated at home or in a doctor’s clinic. 
• If possible, remove jewellery and clothing from around the injury.
• If the burn is very painful, it is probably superficial. You must act quickly to reduce further injury to the skin. Immediately cool the area under cold running water until the skin returns to normal temperature (up to 20 minutes for a thermal burn, at least 20 minutes for a chemical burn or 30 minutes for a bitumen burn). If this is not possible apply a cold-water compress. Do not use iced water as this can worsen the injury.
• Cover the burn with clean, sterile (if possible), non-stick material.
• For localised burns, cold water compresses changed frequently can be useful.
• If the burn is larger than a 20 cent coin, see your doctor or go to the emergency department of your local hospital.
Once the burn starts to heal apply Sooth-it Gel to help relieve the itching and aid in the healing process.


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